International Law

International Law consists of laws, regulations, treaties, and other rules generally accepted in domestic and global relationships. As it relates to private citizens and/or corporations, International Law is generally comprised of a combination of legalities.
At the Bhatta Law & Associates, our team is comprised of a number of diverse and even foreign lawyers and support staff who are multilingual and experienced in international matters.
We have represented business entities and individuals in transactional, contractual matters and litigations involving foreign banks, governments, quasi-government entities, and businesses.


International Commercial Arbitration is the process of settling business disputes among contractual parties through the use of arbitrators rather than through courts. Arbitration provisions, venues, and the governing laws that are generally written in commercial transactions and contracts by the parties in order to resolve disputes through arbitrators.
The Bhatta Law & Associates represents and advises its clients from negotiating and drafting the contracts to enforcing domestic and foreign awards and judgments. We are aware of the complicated process of enforcing awards and judgments in foreign jurisdictions. Additionally, we understand the importance of the arms-length negotiation of a contract prior to execution also known as the art of the deal. We closely work with our clients to devise a strategy to obtain the most favorable outcome.


International Trade is a process of buying and selling of goods, and services beyond national borders. As different economies around the globe rapidly grow beyond national territories, protecting interests of a transacting party in different jurisdictions can be burdensome and complicated if not addressed beforehand. There are bi-lateral, regional and multi-lateral treaties between and among countries: NAFTA, GATT/WTO, FTA and CAFTA as governing rules relating to International Trade.
The Bhatta Law & Associates grasps the nature of international business transactions and the special international considerations involved. Our lawyers have the international business experience and the knowledge to effectively represent businesses. From drafting and enforcing contracts, compliance with laws and regulations governing international trade to dealing with local authorities, our lawyers and staff has the essential language capabilities and understanding of specialized issues implicated in the deal. Our team will work to get the best possible results from any negotiation, arbitration and litigation proceedings.
Our firm has represented international and foreign corporations, foreign nationals and domestic entities in connection with cross-border transactions in the U.S. and abroad. Our team is familiar with the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FOIA) and has represented clients in actions before the United States Federal Courts.


Financial institutions, private transactions, private equity firms, investment banks, manufacturers, energy generation facilities, and many other companies and corporations must undergo a series of filings in order to be eligible to do business in foreign countries. Matters such as lines of credit, financing agreements, and secured or unsecured transactions are also important mechanisms enabling business globally.
At the Bhatta Law & Associates we are familiar with the issues clients face in navigating international standards, filings, and registrations. We also maintain strong relationships with associate firms in a variety of countries with whom we partner to secure our clients’ interests.