Complex Commericial Litigation

Legal matters sometimes result in complex litigation where protecting or defending your rights requires the assistance of counsel who can navigate the legal system. Litigation, mediation, and/or arbitration require strategic approaches especially because legal disputes have such a grave impact.
Bhatta Law & Associates’s attorneys are experienced in analyzing and litigating matters which are often a combination of facts and the law. Our expertise extends to multi-level negotiations, drafting and enforcing settlement agreements as well as dealing with the judiciary.


Businesses may flourish or fall contingent on the terms of a contract. Contract disputes could arise over a range of agreements, including security contracts, equipment purchase and rental contracts, service contracts, distribution, franchise and construction contracts, among others. The risk exposure and potential liabilities are unquantifiable. Our team understands the impact this has on the client’s business. We deliver highly personalized, dedicated and affordable legal representation to help you accomplish a favorable resolution.
Bhatta Law & Associates’s attorneys are proficient in resolving disputes ranging from drafting contracts to mediation and litigation. Our firm’s key competencies revolve around utilizing an exceptional experience it has accumulated by virtue of representing, advising, drafting, arbitrating and litigating contractual matters for many years.


If a party who lost during the trial fails to render what the judgment has required, obtaining what is lawfully owed can sometimes require legal assistance. In such case, familiarity with the legal system and the remedies available are necessary to enforce an award which was rendered by a jury, judicially, or by mediation or arbitration.
Attorneys at the Bhatta Law & Associates are experienced in enforcing such awards both domestically and abroad. This includes attaching a judgment debtor’s assets utilizing customary and alternative methods. We have experience in ensuring that judgments are enforced from the time of award until its satisfaction.